What To Look For In A Web Host

Building a website is easy but to launch it one needs the support of a trust worthy web host. Web business and marketing is the most common form of reaching out to the world and their purpose is served through websites. The web host has the major responsibility of building a website and at the same time gaining the viewership. The design and the services provided by the web hosting service at a reasonable price make a web host popular. What to look for in a web host should be known before investing money on making websites.

Find out the varieties available

One needs to know about the web host and the types one can choose from. The best one that suits the look and requirements of the website are to be chosen. Shared hosting web host handle a large number of websites simultaneously. Linux hosting offers a number of web tools to the website. The most common form of web hosting service is offered by Windows Hosting. The people should know what to look for in a web host of windows as it is very much user friendly. VPS is the virtual website server that serves a single website. This is the choice of websites that needs high trafficking facilities.

Things to note when choosing web host


  • Price is one of the basic factors while choosing the right web host. Even if you have high requirements one has to compromise on the quality of the website if there are not enough funds available for investment. There are various cheap web hosting services that ensure good quality but the choice should be done wisely.
  • Catching all email ids are an important factor for web hosting services. Before making a website one should ensure that the web hosting service is allows sending emails without any restriction. Get assured that all inbox are accessible through the website one launches.
  • One should also check that the web hosting service has the option of sending automatic response messages.
  • IP address is the identity of any website. It is like the identity proof that the website is not a fake one. In some cases it is seen that the web hosting service offer many IP addresses for a single site. Some services are quiet deceiving. They assure to give a single IP address only after a charging an extra amount of money.
  • Make sure the support of the web host service is constant. Once a website gets associated with a web host a continuous and smooth communication is required between both. The technical support should always be ready whenever there is a necessity.

Compare and contrast among prices offered by different web hosts. Know the priority of the website that is to be launched. If the requirement is less, one can opt for the cheap web hosting services. But if one wishes to have a grater bandwidth with a high trafficking one need to invest a good amount of money on the web hosting.

What is shared web hosting?

A shared web hosting is otherwise termed as virtual hosting service or derived host. Here, the main service provider serves pages for multiple numbers of web sites provided each web site should have its own unique internet domain name from a single web server. In today’s modern era, a lot of popular web hosting companies serve this service. Share hosting is comparatively less expensive provided it must have a dedicated web server either provided by a maintained web house or else by a web hosting service. This service is highly recommended for web sites that are smaller in size that does not have a wide amount of web traffic.


  • Name- based virtual hosting: – It has another name- shared IP hosting. Here, virtual hosts provide multiple host names with a standalone machine and a unique IP address. In this implementation, the web server uses HTTP/1.1. The request will carry the hostname as a part of it. This information is shared I order to decide if the web server should show the user or not. On the first step of registering the domain name, the DNS settings will be kept aloof with the server and a name server will be pointed by the domain and this name server carries the IP number.


  • IP- based virtual hosting: – It can also be termed as dedicated IP hosting. Here, the speciality is that every single virtual host will have a different IP address. Main advantage of this implementation is that a web server can use its own SSL certificate rather than a shared one. The website server shows the internet protocol address given by the clients with the aim to choose which website has to be presented to the online user. This is mainly issued because of the scarcity of IP addresses.


  • Less expensive: – The server cost will be shared among the different users and therefore the price of this hosting is comparatively cheaper.
  • Control panel: – A control panel is always there to guide and control the website.
  • High quality: – The server under which the website is hosted will have high power and high speed.
  • Less Knowledge: – The client needs only a basic knowledge as the configurations, maintenance and server based setups are carried out by the host.
  • High efficiency: – This facility ensures complete efficiency and no traffic unless and until your website is a large one.


  • Limited control: – The client will have only a limited area of control and get access only to your defined area.
  • Shared traffic: – The resources in a shared web hosting are common and equally distributed among all the users and if any one of the users consumes high traffic, then it will affect all the users in general.

Services provided by web hosting companies:

  • Free space: – The website provides unlimited free space to the users which can be utilized as per the growing requirements of the business.
  • MySQL Database: – Normally the database provided by the web hosting depends on the shared hosting plan.
  • Money- Back guarantee: – Always remember to choose the web hosting service that ensures a money back guarantee.
  • Data backups: – This is an integrated part of this service and it helps in saving your reworking on the website.
  • Technical support: – Always depend on a service that provides technical supports too.

Are Free Web Hosts Any Good?

Free web host services are offered for free no payment is done for example if you put up an advertisement. It is hard to find a good website also finding a website host that is good is not easy. It will clearly depend on the kind of site you want to have when choosing a web hosting provider. There are many free web hosts sites that will provide you with free services while not forcing ads to your website. They do come with limits on how it is being used and ask that you upgrade to premium level plans. A sub domain is usually provided by the free web hosts, for example yoursite.example.com, for the web host that is being paid for it provides a second level domain with hosting, an example, www.yourname.com.

Pornography is not allowed on web host servers as part of terms of service, included are scripts that may harm the servers.

Free web hosting has been discouraged by many web hosting services in regard to image or file hosting in which the web page is not established resulting to use of bandwidth in hot linking of the files leading to no gain in revenue to the advertisement services. Therefore, the remote or hot linking of images and media is not allowed on free web host services.


Common short comings on file hosting are the limits it offers on the size of the file, for example, files that are larger than 5 MB may not be uploaded on free web hosts. Others have restrictions of programs and media files as MP3s, while other free web hosts require you to have a website and not one to only use for storing files. There is no need for an alarm because there are other free host services that are dedicated specifically for data like video, image and file hosting services that allows one to share large files and hot link.

It is good to keep in mind that almost all free web hosting will be advertisement supported. Advertisements that you cannot control will appear on your web pages. Your site will be a sub-domain on the URL of the free web hosting providers. Domain redirection needs to be provided for you so that you can have your own domain but not all providers offer such services for free. It is advisable to check with your hosting provider if it has not been included in your list, find out how much it costs if they offer the service.

It will be a practical option if you have no money and the website you are hosting has minimal needs, free web hosting is a good choice. A variety of features also come with the free web hosts that allow you to run and manage your website. When you have a free web host you can be able to experiment on your site while learning more about the business without spending any money at all.

How Can I Compare Web Hosting Plans?

With the establishment of your website, you will need to get the best web host to cater for your needs. Different hosts have different plans and it will be upon you to look for the host with the best plan for you. Here is how you can make the comparisons.

Different hosts offer different storage capacities for your website. There is a lot of data your website should store in the host data store. Some hosts offer unlimited storage space and you can store as much data as you wish. But some will offer you a limited amount of space to store data for your website. So when you are comparing the hosts this is one of the factors you can look at.

You will also need to consider the bandwidth. This is the amount of data the host allows you and your users to upload and download at the same time. It differs with different users and can be used to Compare Web Hosting between the different hosts.


Some of the sites will allow for hosting of domains differently. Some may only allow you to host a single domain whereas others can allow you to host multiple domains. You may also be limited to the number of domains to have on a single account but this differs with the hosts. The more it allows, the better

You can also see if the host offers an email account for your web. While some hosts offer you an email some may not. Furthermore, the one who that will provide you with an email account may limit you to the number of email accounts to have. This can also be useful in making comparison between the different hosts.

You can also Compare Web Hosting on the basis of what kind of technology they use. A good host uses software and equipment that is up to date and it conducts regular upgrading of their systems. It is very disgusting when you will sign up with a host and find them using very old systems which are inefficient and not matching the current standards.

You can also consider if the hosts have a mobile application for their access. With the increased usage of internet though the mobile, it is good for the host to develop mobile access services. Once you sign up with a host that won ‘tallow your website to be accessed through mobile, then you risk losing a lot of customers who are increasingly using of mobile. With the advancement of the mobile applications such as smart phones, use of the computer for internet is becoming less popular.

One of the most important elements of a good host is offering technical support for their clients. Being ready to work with you at all times to monitor the performance of your website is very crucial. So when comparing the hosts, you should ensure you have enough information about their support team and how they respond to their customer service.

Best 2014 Coupons: Hostgator Wins

hostgator promo code are discounts and offers provided to the clients to avail the web hosting services and other related website development services at lower prices or with added benefits. The best hostgator coupon 2014 provide big deals of discounted amount on the facilities to new and old customers.

Deals offered:


The hostgator coupons offer a certain percentage of discounts, say thirty percent or thirty five percent to the clients who ask for the web hosting facilities. There are promotional codes available and also deal offers which the customers can get through lucky selections. These promotional codes are used to avail the discount percent stored in them for any service provided. The vouchers are offered in a variety of services like web hosting, dedicated hosting,VPS hosting, or shared hosting. Each one of these is different from each other in their features and benefits. They are released every month and every year with different percentages for the users and can be availed by any user, be it business professionals opting for the services or be it individuals looking forward to indulging in them.

Things to note:

However, the use of these discount coupons is restricted to one time use only. They cannot be availed more than once for the same service having the same account. In addition to that, a token meant for the web hosting services cannot be used in another. For whatever facility they are meant to, they can be used in only that particular context. The discount will be added on the primary billing cycle when a client signs up for a particular amenity from the list. For the client to avail the maximum benefit, he or she should opt for the maximum billing cycle offered for a facility. In case of shared hosting, the discount is offered on the monthly price list.

Before looking forward to indulging in the amenity, one should have a surveyed look into the facilities, billing cycle, the pricing as well as the discount codes. Often due to any misuse, the customer may fail to use the code and end up losing it. Even with the use of token, the guarantee and round the clock service facility is available for all. There is no compromise in the services offered by the companies.

Where to get these coupons:

One can get the voucher online in different sites along with the list of services. One can choose any one of it and get the promotional code for the discounted amount. There are however, also some offers which are available only to businesses and cannot be availed by individuals and vice versa. This is a part of the marketing campaigns by the online sites and agencies to draw clients for businesses.

There are some offers available where one can get the web hosting for just a penny. The offers are not available for agents contacted over phone and chat and are available only through online sites. So get these best hostgator coupons 2014 and avail the best of web hosting, VPN hosting and dedicated server hosting at less than the actual amount.